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What you can expect for your first session with Dr. Sam

One of the most important things contributing to effective progress in therapy is the connection/rapport the client has with the counsellor. For that reason, it helps significantly to spend some time getting acquainted. I offer a no-fee consultation of 20-30 minutes. A first session can be as short or as long as the client wants. If the client is committed and eager to get started on resolving issues, they often choose a 3-hr first session. This is what that may look like:

  • One hour – you sharing whatever information you feel comfortable with, to let me know what you are experiencing, who is involved/impacted, what you’ve done about it, and what you would like to get out of counselling; also, opportunity is given for you to ask any questions you may have re the counselling.

  • One hour – “orientation” – here I am doing most of the talking, going over six things with you: paperwork (brief clarification of a few points); briefly explaining the process of counselling, letting you know what you can expect from me and what I would be expecting from you; sharing a few personal things with you that I think you should know about (also talking about availability and frequency of sessions); letting you know why I am optimistic about lasting positive change taking place in a person’s or couples’ life without counselling and with counselling; and lastly, explaining a few terms we’ll be using in counselling that you can use outside of session and throughout life.

  • One hour – going over a number of handouts to help you on your healing journey; some of these are just suggestions, others are strong recommendations, and some are homework to assist you to achieve your counselling goals faster; so, this contributes to working toward an effective action plan.

These timeframes are approximate; they may be quite systematic, or all the information points may just flow through each other.

We may also do one or more relevant questionnaires in the course of those 3 hours.

Typically Dr. Reimer does not charge a fee for the hour of orientation – at the same time, if the client wants to contribute monies to it, Dr. Sam is open to that. So, some clients contribute the full hourly fee, others a portion, and some are OK with just paying for the two hours. There are absolutely no obligations re a contribution to the hour of orientation.

Dr. Reimer's philosophy is simple - if you and he are not a good fit for the counselling you are seeking, he will gladly refer you to another counsellor with whom you may connect better. Find out in a free consultation with Dr. Sam.